Dry Ridge System

What do you need to know about dry ridge systems?

The term ‘dry ridge’ refers to a system whereby ridge tiles or hip ridge tiles can be mechanically fixed to a roof without the use of cement Such a system has become the widely desired one among homeowners for various reasons. These include the sheer susceptibility of mortar to degradation – sometimes prematurely – over time. By comparison, dry ridge systems require virtually no maintenance.

Another reason for mortar’s tendency to deteriorate is the natural movement of roof structures due to such factors as natural expansion and contraction and vibration from nearby roads or train tracks. Again, where mortar is easily affected by such movements, dry ridge systems accommodate them.

When one also considers the discreet ventilation of the roof space that a dry ridge system ensures, as well as the simple fact that the tiles will not blow off in normal conditions provided that they have been properly installed, it should become clear why such systems have become so popular in the last few years

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